Web Development

The internet is a network connecting computers from around the globe to allow people, businesses and organizations to communicate. At New York Media, we use the power of the internet to promote your business or professional practice. We introduce the services you offer and the products you sell to consumers through ultra-targeted websites that take full advantage of the power of the internet to execute your marketing strategy and maximize the impact of your advertising budget.

As the leader in geo-targeted marketing and advertising, New York Media knows what it takes to increase your profits and facilitate the growth of your business or professional practice. Our talented web development staff creates new websites and redesigns and improves existing sites to exploit all of the latest technologies.

Each website development project undertaken by our skilled and knowledgeable web development staff proceeds as follows:

  • Planning: We begin by meeting with our client to learn as much about the business or professional practice as possible. Clients are encouraged to share with us their goals, expectations and vision for their organization’s online presence. Our staff takes this information and uses it to formulate ideas for the design concept and content of the site.
  • Target audience: Before we settle on the final design and content, it is critical that we identify the audience the business or professional practice wishes to attract and the purpose for which they are being directed to the website. For example, the content of a website might focus on providing engaging and informative content without attempting to turn viewers into consumers while another client might want a site that delivers content designed to turn viewers into active consumers.
  • Technology: Our web design staff select the technology to code the website to achieve the desired results

We make use of the most effective platforms available today, including WordPress and custom design platforms. For example, developing a brand for your business or professional organization begins with your domain name. Our web development team uses sites such as NameDiscover.com where thousands of domain names are offered for sale or lease. Whether we are building a new website for you or rebranding your existing site, NameDiscover offers premium domain names covering a multitude of categories ranging from accounting to web hosting.

Obtaining the right domain name for your website is only one of the things New York Media can offer when you require web development services. Other services we provide in addition to website design include:

  • Management of social media
  • SEO engineering and contouring
  • Paid media management
  • Promotion of digital brands with Domain Market Pro platforms
  • Website development through our SiteGator platform

If you need a website to achieve an online presence for your professional practice or business, contact our digital marketing experts at New York Media today. You can contact us through our website at NewYorkMedia.com, or you can call us at 212-901-1000.