Social Media Platforms

Too many businesses discover that having a website does not automatically mean an increase in sales and revenues. New York Media is a digital media agency that promotes businesses and professionals by developing and managing websites, utilizing social media platforms and employing the latest search engine optimization contouring to increase consumer awareness and generate sales.

Social media platforms have evolved from places where people exchanged photos and information about their daily activities into powerful components of any company’s marketing strategy. We use our years of search engine optimization experience to create and post content on social media platforms that enhances our client’s business brand, drives organic traffic to our advertisers and delivers a relevant audience. Businesses we represent experience improved sales and dynamic growth generated by Geo-targeted branding through platforms that we control.

Our Geo-targeted community and neighborhood marketing using the CityPartners platform allows us to offer the professionals and businesses a flexible advertising strategy designed to promote their local brand. The social media platforms we utilize across our New York Media network of enterprises provide our clients with a unique online presence that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a full-service digital media agency, our clients benefit from expert services that include:

• Search engine optimization
• Social media management
• Internet consulting
• Digital brand services
• Website development

The services we offer make it possible for us to transform the goals and expectations of the businesses and professionals we represent into solid, quantifiable results. One way we do this is by analyzing social media to detect consumer trends and anticipate how to devise a strategy to take full advantage of them to drive traffic to our advertiser’s sites.

The staff at New York Media has the resources and the experience to take full control of an advertiser’s social media platforms. This includes the following services:

• Selection and analysis of targeted markets
• Selection of relevant social network platforms
• Creation of engaging content
• Posting of social media content on behalf of clients

The social media services we perform are designed to reach targeted audiences based upon the Geo-marketing strategy we develop to meet the specific needs or objectives of the advertising client. Advertisers enjoy an online presence that is focused on as broad or as narrow an audience as they choose with traffic driven by our network of social media platforms.

Whether your business sells products or offers services, New York Media can help it to grow within its existing market area or expand into new communities and neighborhoods. We can create a social media and marketing program that satisfies your needs and expectations while staying within your budgetary constraints. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business or professional practice.