QueensLawyer.com Launches

After acquiring the domain name in March of 2016, we were able to partner with Alexander Shiryak P.C., to be the exclusive attorney for QueensLawyer.com.

QueensLawyer.com is legal website that targets a certain territory and that territory is Queens, NY. Alexander Shiryak understands the importance of exact search match domains, which allowed him to be the exclusive attorney that will benefit from being branded as QueensLawyer.com. The term Queens Lawyer is highly searched on most notable search engines, and we are helping him get to the top rankings of those search engines.

The domain name has a registration date of 1999, and any aged domain name has value in the search engine algorithm. We will continue promote the website across our CityPartners network of community websites and make sure that Alex and his team get the best out of this partnership.