Our Web Domain Names May Be Available To You

We have been investing and collecting domain names since 2004. We have put together a fantastic domain portfolio that is attractive in any given vertical. Some domain names in our portfolio are available for purchase, lease or joint venture. Here are a few options why its a good idea to partner with us.

Develop it!


Do you have a big idea that you like to make it real? You have the opportunity to acquire this domain name to launch your blog, drive traffic to your existing website, start a new one, or possibly build a brand with it.

Buy it!

This is the most common option. Many individuals and organizations today own premium first rate domain names because it is an effective alternative to adverting in various forms of media (print, television online, etc.)

Lease it!

Try it and see if you like it. Similar to leasing real property or a vehicle this may be an viable option to use it without paying the upfront price. We can discuss the terms ranging from a short to mid-term lease to lease to own options.

Why our domain names?

Show up in more searches
Be social
Be memorable
Be simple

Leveraging a premium domain name gives you a big advantage in attracting more visitors.

Who We Are

As business professionals based in New York we are extremely busy with other projects and ventures that we simply do not have the staff, time and wherewithal to put all of our domain names to good use. Rather than parking it, we’re making it available to anyone to use.


We are domain name owners and registrants, not squatters. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our domain name portfolio via our contact form.