Services Help Consumers Avoid Online Fraud

Buyers and sellers can protect themselves from online fraud by using the services of By going through our online escrow domain company process, you can avoid the millions of dollars of online fraud cases that occur every year. acts as a trusted third party that collects, holds and distributes funds according to your instructions.

Use for large purchases such as domain names, automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles, jewelry, computers and printers, musical instruments and other expensive items. They are a fully licensed and accredited escrow company, audited regularly by governmental bodies in California, Arizona and Idaho.

They can also work as your escrow domain company, providing a safe way to buy and sell domain names online. holds buyer payments in trust accounts until transaction are completed. This procedure ensures that the domains will be registered and that sellers will be paid. As part of this process, they will check the WHOIS database of the designated registrar company to ensure that the new owner’s name is listed as the domain registrant.

Working with gives buyers peace of mind, assured domain transfer and confirmation of ownership and ability to pay via a variety of methods such as PayPal, credit cards and wire transfers. Sellers receive guaranteed payment once transfer obligations are met, protection against credit card and payment fraud and escrow fees that are lower than those of many merchant credit cards. As your escrow domain company they also provide live customer support by telephone or email.

The process is simple. Both buyer and seller register at and agree to sale terms. The buyer pays us and when payment is verified, the seller ships the merchandise. Upon receiving the merchandise, the buyer has a set number of days to accept it, after which time the seller is paid.

As we use the services of for our domain name transactions. We trust them and it also insures that there is no fraud involved in our transactions.