End Users May Want What You Have

Domain investors have been driving traffic in the Internet since the mid-1990’s, and that kind of investment has not come without its issues and stigmas. Many view domain investors as cyber-squatters, but the opposite is true.

Generic domain names are not trademarked. They are, by their very name, descriptions of entire categories of products or ideas that web visitors want to buy or want to learn. The idea that any company would miss an opportunity to own the domain name that is associated with their particular business, such as cars or hotels or boats, seems ludicrous today. But imagine that! Most companies “missed that boat” when it came to registering generic domain names.


Rick Schwartz, the renowned “Domain King”, has long criticized Madison Avenue and Wall Street for completely dropping the ball when it comes to online real estate. The fact is generates more than one-hundred thousand visits per day. Hilton could have owned that traffic by purchasing the domain before anyone else did. They didn’t.


Quite simply, start searching for a domain name investment. Depending upon your level of interest, you can buy and park domains, buy and develop domains, grab domains on the aftermarket or hand-register. There are plenty of options that abound.

For buying and developing, of course, the best bet is to make certain you have quality content to drive search and direct navigation!