When it comes to consumer recognition and driving traffic to a client’s website, the digital branding experts at New York Media know what it takes to get the job done. Our digital brand management services are designed to maximize brand recognition, build and direct consumer traffic, and convert that traffic into a revenue stream for the businesses and professional practices who entrust their online marketing and digital brand services to us.

Business owners and professionals are learning the importance of digital branding to the success of their marketing and advertising plans. Unless a domain name communicates brand identity and connects with the target audience that a business or professional practice is trying to attract, an advertising and marketing budget can be wasted.

At New York Media, our expert team of digital branding professionals has the skills, knowledge and tools available to help your business or practice with the acquisition, sale and management of its domain name. Our digital branding platforms include:

  • YourBrand.com: Offers new or established businesses the opportunity to acquire unique domain names that fit into their advertising and marketing strategies designed to establish their brand. We work with YourBrand.com to make it easy for businesses to find a domain name that we can use to establish their online presence.
  • HelloNYC.com: Hello NYC offers domain names for sale or for lease that are geo-targeted to New York City. Businesses and professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers and accountants, can instantly establish their websites as a branded presence in the busy and lucrative New York marketplace.
  • RealtyBranding.com: A source of domain names for real estate professionals and businesses related to the real estate industry. We work with Realty Branding to acquire instant branding, promote customer loyalty and increase market presence for our clients with a geo-targeted or industry-targeted domain name.
  • MortgageBranding.com: New York Media understands the importance of obtaining the best digital brands for its clients. When working on behalf of mortgage and financial industries professionals and entrepreneurs, Mortgage Branding gives us access to domain names our clients can lease or buy that create instant recognition through industry-targeted and geo-targeted domain names.
  • DomainBroker.nyc: Sometimes, a business or professional firms comes to us with an established website that requires rebranding to remain competitive or to promote consumer awareness of the products or services our client offers. Domain Broker NYC one of the sources we use to broker a digital brand to satisfy the goals and expectations of the clients who depend upon our expertise and experience.

Contact New York Media today to find out how your business or professional practice can benefit from our digital brand services. You can visit our website at NewYorkMedia.com,  call us at (212) 901-1000 or email us by clicking here.