Six New Websites Celebrate and Promote Neighborhoods in Queens

The residents, businesses and homeowners of Queens have access to a wealth of new web-based networking opportunities thanks to the New York Media (, a local media and publishing company. New York Media recently debuted six local “Neighborhood(dot)com” websites which will revolutionize the way visitors and locals alike interact with their communities.

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We acquired

We are pleased to announce that after 8 years of negotiating with Hergo Inc, who owned the domain name since 2003, we were able to settle on an agreeable amount that benefited both parties.

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The Network of New York Media Domains

The domains of the New York Media Network are designed to provide information and entice investment in the world of technology. The individual domains serve specific purposes, all which serve the collective goal of bringing new investment into the technology sector and those industries that specifically operate in the realm of online.
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Attack Of The Zombie Copy!

Erin Kissane said it best, “As you can see, the scourge is upon us, and we must, every one of us, be prepared to fight”. Erin was referring to the various drivel that is printed and produced online. Cory Doctorow had another term for it: Metacrap.

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Time, Conde Naste, Even Google Get This

We’ll go back to our example: 4,000,000,000 page views per day, or about 1,000,000,000,000 page views per year. YouTube’s own searches would be second behind only Google, if only Google didn’t own YouTube. So the search is lumped into the Google network. But let’s get more mainstream: Time or Conde Naste.

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