With the most expensive real estate in Manhattan, Tribeca has seen one of the most priced areas in todays Manhattan real estate market. Homes in Tribeca are mostly Coops and Condos with prices way over 7 figures.

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New York Media Acquires

New York Media is pleased to announce that under our platform we were able to acquire a premium real estate domain name for the Forest Hills neighborhood,

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Buyers and sellers can protect themselves from online fraud by using the services of By going through our online escrow domain company process, you can avoid the millions of dollars of online fraud cases that occur every year. acts as a trusted third party that collects, holds and distributes funds according to your instructions.

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The importance of developing domain names

A domain name is important because it is the first thing that attracts your audience. In order to develop a good domain name you need to know the answers to the what, where, when, why and how.

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After acquiring the domain name in March of 2016, we were able to partner with Alexander Shiryak P.C., to be the exclusive attorney for

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Our Web Domain Names May Be Available To You

We have been investing and collecting domain names since 2004. We have put together a fantastic domain portfolio that is attractive in any given vertical. Some domain names in our portfolio are available for purchase, lease or joint venture. Here are a few options why its a good idea to partner with us.

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End Users May Want What You Have

Domain investors have been driving traffic in the Internet since the mid-1990’s, and that kind of investment has not come without its issues and stigmas. Many view domain investors as cyber-squatters, but the opposite is true.

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Which ccTLDs can truly compete with the -dot-com TLD?

Not all ccTLDs are created equal. For domain investors, extensions like .au, .asia, .ca, .de, and CentralNICs like and are every bit as valuable to their respective markets as the .com.

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Domains: Land You Broker or Develop

Domains are viable investments, and the domain registration trends closely follow broader financial markets. Examine the chart below, comparing the NASDAQ 100 with the registration of -dot-com domains over the past few years.

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The Network of New York Media Domains

The domains of the New York Media Network are designed to provide information and entice investment in the world of technology. The individual domains serve specific purposes, all which serve the collective goal of bringing new investment into the technology sector and those industries that specifically operate in the realm of online.
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